Repeated Success with Effective Sizing
  • Suits and uniform sizing
    • Dress suits
    • Flight suits
  • Protective apparel
    • Gloves
    • Helmets
    • Body Armor
    • Ant-G Suits
  • Military and civilian

uniforms success story
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helmet success story
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First Successful 3-D Anthropometry Surveys
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Managed development first 3-D body segment scanner

Directed first 3-D whole-body survey to produce 3-D models (CAESAR)

Apply Our Methods to Your Market
  • Eliminate wasted sizes or adjustment ranges
    • Increased market share
    • Improved customer retention
  • Communicate your sizing specifications to your vendors with 3-D models
    • Fewer changes and less prototyping
    • Faster time to market
    • Decreased cost

  • Human body is just part of the equation
  • Design, material properties, & concept-of-fit all affect sizing needs
  • We can help you aim them effectively at your target market