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  • Thirty-nine years experience developing and directing award winning programs that improved the safety and performance of all kinds of products from apparel to workstations

  • Chair, US Technical Advisory Committee to International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Committee 159, Ergonomics

  • Chair, ASTM International D-13 Textiles Body Measurement Subcommittee

  • Chair, ASTM International D-13 Textiles Statistics Subcommittee

  • Vice-chair Human Factors and Ergonomics ANSI 300 Committee on Anthropometry and Biomechanics

  • Degrees in mathematics, biostatistics and anthropology

  • Use broad international, government and industry consortia to tackle large challenges

  • Responsible for leading anthropometry to the new technological paradigm of 3-D automated scanning

Kathleen M. Robinette, Ph.D.
Fitmetrix LLC
5428 Lytle Rd.
Waynesville, OH 45068-9160
(937) 475-3525